I have been Albertos  client   for over twenty years.  His, and his teams’  professionalism and ability to ‘keep up with the times’ has always impressed me. Alberto, his wife Adriana, and their team maintain a fun, happy, welcoming environment and I look forward to every visit to the salon.
Janice Strandt
When a client leaves Alberto’s chair, that client looks great. It’s the first thing I noticed about him when I first started frequenting the salon where he worked in the early 1980s.  I never saw a succession of identically groomed heads leave his chair.  On the contrary, each one left with her – or his – features enhanced, exuding confidence, and radiant.  And more often than not they – and the rest of the clientele around his chair – were laughing.  From there he went on to open his own shop – well, several of them – all successes. Then in 1990 my hairdresser went on holiday at a time when I needed an up do.  Besides, I was tired of the way he always kept me waiting for appointments.   I called Alberto, and after my first appointment with him never went back to my old hairdresser.  Can’t think now why I waited so long to switch. I always look forward to my hair appointment with Alberto — every four weeks without fail.
Lynda Grace Philippsen, Surrey BC
I had a history of not being faithful to a hairdresser or to any given salon, until I walked into Alberto and Co. eight years ago.  It was 4:00 p.m. and I need an “updo” for a wedding that evening.  In that one hour I learned more about my face shape, my hair, and myself, than I ever had at any other salon before. They build strong and trusting and lasting relationships with their clients, and I should know, I have been faithful ever since.  The staff at Alberto and Co. knows hair.  They are always learning new skills and techniques. They love their work and it shows.  When you sit in the chair, you can be sure that you will chat, have a laugh, relax and will walk out with the kind of hair people enquire about!  I have been stopped in a coffee shop and asked where I get my hair done.  I know I have a good cut and great colour, when not only do people ask me where I get my hair done, but also they actually go to Alberto’s on my recommendation. My cut and my colour are my signature, yet it’s always changing, always new.  When you walk in the front door of Alberto and Co. you can be sure you will walk out a new woman.  When I walked in that door years ago it was a last minute decision, and it was the last time I ever thought about another salon!
Karen McDonnell , Surrey BC
I have trusted Alberto & Co. to take care of my hair for over 7 years. Always I am greeted with big smiles and the amazing friendliness of his caring staff- it is so much like visiting family. The stylists and color specialists are all so talented. A common thread amongst all the staff is their passion – exhibited in their enthusiasm and in their quest to keep up with the latest trends in hair fashion and skin care. I know I can count on them to keep me current and looking my best. Recently, I enjoyed a facial with Alberto & Co. and was so impressed by the level of service I received. I was treated like a queen, and found myself so relaxed and soothed after the session, it was like every inch of stress was released from my body. Alberto has assembled a great team of people with amazing synergy – I know I can count on them for all my skin and hair care needs.
Tracey Brown, Richmond BC
“I was so happy with the way everything turned out on the morning of my wedding at Alberto’s.  The stylists were incredibly gracious and understanding about arriving early in the morning for us, and did their job quickly and beautifully.  My own hairstyle was exactly what I wanted, and the other ladies who had their hair done were just as happy.  I would highly recommend these stylists for any special event!”
Thanks Again!
Kristen Riter , Surrey BC