Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment


Kerasilk-SmoothingMaybe you’ve tried the egg and olive oil recipe…or the apple cider vinegar and water recipe…If you’re saying, “You name it, I’ve tried it and it STILL did not help my hair!” Then imagine never having to put up with temporary remedies that give you a day or two of relief.

Impossible, you say? It’s way more than possible. Everyday, we give women just like you 3 months and more of relief from unruly locks. Using the world’s most innovative and effective hair straightening system, we not only give your hair that you adore, we give you endless possibilities for styling and manageability.

You no longer have to envy your BFF’s hair or that girl at the coffee shop. The Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing System actually reinforces the internal structure of your hair, smoothing the cuticle and eliminating frizz. That means healthier hair with unparalled brightness and smoothing.

There is:

NO formaldehyde

NO intensive pre-treatments before straightening

NO harsh, damaging chemicals

NO need to wait 72 hours to wash and style your hair. In fact, you can wash your hair immediately after leaving the salon, if you want to. And to maintain results, we recommend the Kerasilk aftercare products for home use. Unlike regular shampoos and conditioners, they do not strip your hair of its keratin. The perfect complement to ensure long lasting results they also have an anti-humidity effect.

Get the brilliant shine, endless hairstyle possibilities, and manageable hair you want today!